Radio Broadcaster | MC | Fashion & Beauty Enthusiast

Soon after I graduated from LSPR, I had a few events to welcome me to “the real world”. To me it was fascinating! I recall that I couldn’t wait to quickly jump-start my career by getting involved in things I’m curious about since I was a little kid; to build a fashionable girly magazine and become a Radio Announcer. I started my career working as a Fashion Editor in Oops! Magazine. That was my first real job as a full-time staff. Later that same year I took the opportunity from my favorite radio station. I became the Announcer of Hard Rock FM Jakarta. It was the phase in my life where I realized what my real passion was.
For the five years I was working as a Radio Announcer, I was exposed to new experiences almost every day. I considered myself to be very lucky because being a Radio Announcer means you get to meet a lot of people and expand your network leading you to more opportunities. In 2012 I got an amazing offer. My dream of “building” a girly magazine was about to come true! I was appointed to be the Acting Managing Editor of FIMELAgirl for approximately two years, while still running a radio chart show.
2014 was a year with a breath of fresh air for me. This time I think the universe challenged me to level up my career; become the Announcer at Cosmopolitan FM and host my own talk show. However, one thing that I could never deny is my enthusiasm for fashion and makeup. My off air activities, besides being an MC, have been a fashion & beauty columnist for several websites and my personal blog. The phase of pursuing my passion has turned into a search of life balance.

I’m really grateful of the fact that God allows me “living in my dream”. But I believe life is a never-ending adjustments. Adjustments is fun and we only have to enjoy it more and not to be easily lulled with the “comfort zone”. There will always be something more interesting and far more challenging than what we’ve accomplished. So now I’m preparing my next big thing: my own fashion label in collaboration with So, will you kindly wish me luck as I’m wishin’ you the very best of luck too?! :)

Ucita Pohan